FREE in-depth Webinar on:
How To Avoid Massive Fines
for Accidental Deaf-Discrimination

Dawn Hoskins LLB.
CEO of Deaf and Equal Ltd.

In this video you will learn:

  • Simple Method: Strategies to remove the risk and of litigation and avoid PR nightmares in your company.

  • Insider Knowledge: Get the benefit of years of discrimination intervention. You can learn from the mistakes of other businesses.

  • No Legal Jargon: Easy to understand with no 'lawyer-speak' so you can remove the risk of accidental discrimination, public backlash and massive uncapped fines.

Information given by Deaf and Equal, and is not industry specific. There may be additional levels of legal protection that you need to adhere to in your industry sector. You remain bound by national and international law and must not fall below this bar - but may also need to abide by extra layers of regulation. Watching a training video will not in itself protect you from legal action for accidental Deaf-Discrimination. Only a combination of [1.] understanding the needs of The Deaf Community and [2.] applying and adhering to the correct laws and procedures can provide protection. We can in NO way guarantee you will avoid being taken to court. If you are in any doubt please make contact.

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